12-29-17 / 7:25 AM / TASTING AN ICE CREAM DREAM.

The Osgood File. This is Charles Osgood from the Dell Small Business Studios.

Can ice cream ever be healthy?

It may be an odd question to ask at this time of year.

But one brand is attracting more ice cream lovers with a promise of low calories and less guilt.

As you’ll hear after this…

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Over the summer, Halo Top became the best-selling pint of ice cream in the country.

The first Halo Top shop opened last month – and more are planned.

Jamie Yuccas of CBS News caught up with Justin Woolverton, the founder and CEO…

VO – Jamie Yuccas, CBS News Correspondent
“For Justin Woolverton, this was even better than being a kid in a candy store. The Halo Top ice cream CEO was inside an L.A. mall, previewing his company’s first offering of soft-serve flavors.”

SOT – Justin Woolverton
“Really fun, it’s kind of surreal.”

VO – Jamie Yuccas
“Just a few years ago, Woolverton was a litigator – and hating his career.”

SOT – Justin Woolverton
“You just decide to jump off the cliff and take a risk.”

Justin bought an ice-cream machine for twenty dollars back in 2011.

His homemade creation gave him an idea…

SOT – Justin Woolverton
“It tasted extremely good, even though it didn’t have any sugar. It was rich in protein. It was all-natural. So I was like, ‘Hey! Here’s my escape from law.'”

VO – Jamie Yuccas
“He found a partner, Doug Bouton – another disgruntled lawyer, willing to go deep in debt to make ice cream. It hit stores in 2012, but didn’t sell.”

Then, they turned to social media.

And the key selling point, says Jamie Yuccas, became about calories…

VO – Jamie Yuccas
“An entire pint has as many as a single serving of other ice creams. Sales skyrocketed.”

Of course, dieticians such as Samantha Heller do have their doubts…

SOT – Samantha Heller
“When the ice cream company can tell you to eat the whole thing, it’s encouraging bulk eating and binge eating.”

VO – Jamie Yuccas
“The company is pushing to keep up with demand, churning out about 650,000 pints a day.”

Says Justin Woolverton…

SOT – Justin Woolverton, with Jamie Yuccas
“(Woolverton:) It could be the number one selling ice cream in the world. (Yuccas:) Is that your dream? (Woolverton:) That is my dream.”

The Osgood File. This is Charles Osgood.