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One of the best known runners in the nation’s capital is not famous for speed or even distance.

She’s well-known, because there was a time when doctors said she would never run at all.

But our CBS News colleague Weijia Jiang tells us from Washington this athlete is proving them very wrong – and motivating people to abandon their comfort zones…

VO – Weijia Jiang, CBS News Correspondent
“With a few exceptions…” (:02)

NAT – Announcer at Race
“And welcome back Jamie Watts here at the finish line…” (:03)

VO – Weijia Jiang
“…Jamie Watts comes in dead last when running races. But finishing at all gives her plenty to brag about.” (:07)

As we’ll hear after this…

((( BREAK )))

Here with Jamie Watts is Weijia Jiang…

SOT – Jamie Watts, with Weijia Jiang
“(Jiang:) Tell me what it was like to cross that finish line for the first time. (Watts:) I felt such a sense of accomplishment.” (:06)

VO – Weijia Jiang
“Watts was born with a form of cerebral palsy that makes her leg muscles so stiff, she needs a cane for balance. But that didn’t stop her from doing something she never thought possible. Five years ago, she ran her first 5K.” (:14)

SOT – Jamie Watts
“And it was just such a great experience that I just kept going.” (:03)

VO – Weijia Jiang
“She decided to run 34 races in the year leading up to her 34th birthday – but ended up running 40.” (:07)

SOT – Jamie Watts
“I just felt an overwhelming sense of community and accomplishment, not just for myself but for everybody that helped me get to that goal.” (:08)

VO – Weijia Jiang
“Race organizer Lisa Reeves says Watts has become a local hero in the Washington running world.” (:06)

SOT – Lisa Reeves
“She proves that nothing is impossible – that the human body is capable of anything, and it’s the mind that we all have to overcome.” (:08)

VO – Weijia Jiang
“…inspiring people not only to run, but to face challenges – no matter how impossible they appear.” (:06)

Thank you, Weijia Jiang.

The Osgood File. This is Charles Osgood on the CBS Radio Network.