09-05-17 / 7:25 AM / WHERE “MUSIC MENDS MINDS.”

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What can the power of music do?

Our CBS News colleague Chris Martinez is in Los Angeles with a story for you…

VO – Chris Martinez, CBS News Correspondent
“Eighty-one year old Irwin Rosenstein has battled Parkinson’s Disease and dementia for more than a decade. Even as his illness began to steal much of his mind, his wife says his love for music endured.” (:11)

SOT – Carol Rosenstein
“He was sitting playing piano in our home. Like a dried flower getting a drink of water, he would resurrect!” (:08)

( NAT / Music )

VO – Chris Martinez
“That gave Carol an idea: to start a band for Irwin and others like him.” (:05)

As you’ll hear after this…

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Carol Rosenstein’s idea to start a band for her husband and others like him is about restoring the rhythm of life – through music.

As Chris Martinez tells us…

VO – Chris Martinez
“She created a program called ‘Music Mends Minds’ – (NAT / Music) – bringing together former musicians who now suffer from neurological disorders like dementia.” (:09)

SOT – Carol Rosenstein
“Most of these people couldn’t tell you their name or their address – and you put them together in a musical environment and they come alive.” (:08)

Doctor Jeff Bronstein, a professor of neurology at UCLA, says…

SOT – Dr. Jeff Bronstein, neurology professor at UCLA
“There’s a real link between pleasure centers and music and memory, so I think this is really tapping into a lot of things that they’ve learned earlier in their life.” (:10)

“Music Mends Minds” is looking to form bands across the country – and around the world…

VO – Chris Martinez
“Parkinson’s patient Diana Davidow sings with the original group and says it’s given her an outlet to be with people who understand her struggles.” (:08)

SOT – Diana Davidow
“So nice to be with people who don’t have to be a certain way – just be yourself – and we encourage each other so wonderfully.” (:07)

( NAT / Music )

VO – Chris Martinez
“Bringing people together one song at a time.” (:03)

The Osgood File. This is Charles Osgood on the CBS Radio Network.