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California’s Silicon Valley is so called because of all the high tech companies that are concentrated there, but it is not a monopoly.

Our CBS News colleague Meg Oliver went to Montana’s Big Sky Country, where many high-tech outfits have sprung to life…

VO – Meg Oliver, CBS News Correspondent
“The industry here is growing seven times the state economy and paying twice the median wage.” (:06)

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People used to say you have to leave Montana to succeed in business.

No more, though, says Meg Oliver…

VO – Meg Oliver
“This office looks more like a college dorm than a thriving, multimillion-dollar tech company.” (:05)

SOT- Tom Stergios, with Meg Oliver
“(Oliver:) You even have a putting green over here. (Stergios:) Of course, get a little physical exercise…” (:05)

VO – Meg Oliver
“This Big Sky slice of Silicon Valley was the brainchild of Montana native Tom Stergios. Six years ago after moving home from Washington, DC, he took a gamble and started an office in Missoula for Advanced Technology Group with one employee.” (:15)

SOT – Tom Stergios, with Meg Oliver
“(Stergios:) It grew very fast. After about 12 months, there were 12. (Oliver:) How many are you gonna hire this year? (Stergios:) We’re looking to hire between 35 and 40 this year.” (:07)

VO – Meg Oliver
“Bozeman is another town benefiting from the high-tech boom. Entrepreneur and now Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte started a tech company here with 5,000 dollars. That was 1997. In 2011, Oracle bought it for 1.8 billion.” (:15)

There’s a growing number now of high-tech firms, says Meg Oliver…

VO – Meg Oliver
“Firms that are attracting not only Montanans looking to stay, but out-of-staters looking for quality of life. It’s a wide open frontier for high paying, high tech jobs – and a river runs through it.” (:13)

So it does…

The Osgood File. This is Charles Osgood on the CBS Radio Network.