02-27-17 / 8:25 AM / DON’T HESITATE … MEDITATE.

The Osgood File. This is Charles Osgood.

Meditation is an ancient art practiced here and now…

( NAT / Meditation Session )

As we’ll hear after this…

((( BREAK )))

Meditation studios are popping up left and right.

Is there an antidote to stress?

Our CBS News colleague Wendy Gillette found someone who says yes…

VO – Wendy Gillette, CBS News Correspondent
“Health and fitness blogger Bianca Jade is a self-described, stressed-out New Yorker.” (:05)

SOT – Bianca Jade
“We spend more time commuting. We have a higher cost of living.” (:03)

NAT – Meditation Session
“Hold your breath for seven counts.” (:02)

VO – Wendy Gillette
“The quest for more calmness brought Bianca to Inscape, a meditation studio that recently opened in Manhattan.” (:06)

NAT – Meditation Session
“Let’s begin today’s mindfulness practice. Keeping your breath natural.” (:08)

VO – Wendy Gillette
“A recorded audio track guides the class. A leader is in the room if you’re unsure what to do – but to keep the mood, there’s no talking.” (:08)

SOT – Khajak Keledjin
“So this way, you have nowhere to go, but within you – because there is no other outside distractions.” (:05)

VO – Wendy Gillette
“Founder Khajak Keledjin turned to meditation to cope with the stress of his multimillion dollar-clothing company.” (:06)

The money at risk in what’s called “the rag trade” is a powerful force – an explosive incentive – to make one a bit, shall we say, “argumentative” – percussive and thunderous, much like a bomb, where all sense of balance or reason is gone. That is the opposite of what this smart businessman wants…

SOT – Khajak Keledjin
“I want to create an environment in a studio where people come in and have balanced calm.” (:06)

VO – Wendy Gillette
“The studio also offers relaxation classes where students lie down. The offerings include deep breath and deep sound to truly deeply relax. How much time you need to decompress is up to you. Classes range from about 20 minutes to an hour-and-a-half.” (:15)

It’s only time – let it go, says Bianca Jade…

SOT – Bianca Jade
“I’ve learned to take a minute, take a breath, and really think about the things that I need to let go of.” (:06)

Don’t Hesitate – Meditate.

The Osgood File. Charles Osgood on the CBS Radio Network.