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Texting while driving is now illegal in 46 states.

But to catch violators, police have had to be creative and think outside of the patrol car – as you’ll hear after this…

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Our CBS News colleague Kris Van Cleave is in a Tennessee Highway Patrol semi with Lt. Cary Hopkins, looking down at a much smaller vehicle next to them with a clear view of what the driver is doing…

VO – Kris Van Cleave, CBS News Correspondent
“Brandi Hayes doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to get a ticket…” (:04)

NAT – Lt. Cary Hopkins, Tennessee Highway Patrol
“White pick up on my right texting…” (:03)

VO – Kris Van Cleave
“Lt. Cary Hopkins spotted her from up high, riding shotgun in the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s semi. He radios another trooper to pull Hayes over.” (:09)

SOT – Lt. Cary Hopkins, with Kris Van Cleave
“(Van Cleave:) People know they shouldn’t be texting while they’re driving – so they’re kind of sneaky about it, aren’t they? (Hopkins:) People are holding the phone down. And that’s really even more dangerous because they’re taking their eyes completely off the road.” (:11)

VO – Kris Van Cleave
“In the time it takes a driver to look down and send a text, a vehicle could travel the distance of a football field. Driver Brandi Hayes…” (:08)

SOT – Brandi Hayes, with Kris Van Cleave
“(Van Cleave:) Do you think about the safety aspect of that? (Hayes:) I do – but you know you always think you’re above it, you know – that you’re not going to be the one to have an accident.” (:08)

The stats don’t lie…

SOT – Kris Van Cleave
“Fatal distracted driving crashes jumped nearly nine percent last year over 2014. (:05)

SOT – Lt. Cary Hopkins
“They’re driving just like a drunk driver. You’ll see ’em weaving, you’ll see ’em go over the center line…” (:07)

VO – Kris Van Cleave
“To catch texting drivers, police are getting creative.” (:03)

Which is their way of sending you and me a message…

VO – Kris Van Cleave
“Sending a message the old-fashioned way: by a handwritten ticket.” (:04)

NAT – An Officer to a Driver
“You’ll have to pay over a hundred dollars – so, don’t look at your phone…” (:05)

The Osgood File. This is Charles Osgood on the CBS Radio Network.